Issue 115 - Autumn

East Lothian Life

Issue 115, Autumn 2021

It was in winter 1989 when I realised my dream of launching a county magazine and the very first issue of East Lothian Life was published. Here we are 32 years later and issue 115 has just been published. I can’t quite believe how East Lothian Life has grown and developed over the years, yet at the same time retaining the very essence of the county it represents. Its people, its history, its towns, villages and its future, in a magazine packed with a stimulating choice of diverse articles. The close dialogue I have enjoyed with the readers is very much reflected in the content of the magazine.

I have learned so much and experienced first-hand the beauty of this county in which I was lucky enough to be born. I have been intrigued by its fascinating history, its diverse countryside and spectacular coastline. I have met so many inspirational people and made so many new friends who have taken the time to share with me their knowledge of a county which they too love.

It’s time for me now to pass East Lothian Life into the capable hands of Kim Williams, who will be known to many of you as the editor of Local Life. She and her family chose to live in East Lothian over 18 years ago and, like you and me, Kim loves East Lothian and all it has to offer.

I could not have published East Lothian Life without the help and support of so many people. I would like to thank everyone who has made East Lothian Life such a joy for me to work on − the contributors, the advertisers, the retailers and you the reader. Thank you all very much.

Cover: Matthew Draper | Aura, Yellowcraigs Series No 1


07 East Lothian Homes - Grand Designs
13 Money Matters - Retirement - it's not just about your finances
14 East Lothian Property - How COVID affected the East Lothian Property Market
42 Marine North Berwick - The Grand Old Lady Restored
54 East Lothian Wildlife - New Beginning
56 Muddy Boots - Walking The Great North Road
60 Travel & Explore - On The Right Tracks
68 East Lothian History - Discovering Duncanlaw
76 East Lothian History - Memorials of History
78 East Lothian Reflections - Kalahari Safara - My Live Among The Boers
46 View From The Bothy - Time To Act
53 East Lothian People - Son Of A Lighthouse Man
63 East Lothian People - Musical Musselburgh
66 East Lothian History - 'Captain Freak' of Dunbar: An East Lothian Visitor to Royalty
70 East Lothian History - When Eight Million People saw Dunbar Swimming Pool on TV
74 East Lothian History - David Syme: The First Australian Press Baron
22 Art Matters - Prince Philip: A Celebration
24 Art Matters - A Timeless Muse
27 Chess - Man-Bun on Song
32 East Lothian Gardening - Autumn Gardening
39 East Lothian Cooking - The Best of the Season's Produce
44 Wine Cellars - The Demise of a Wine Cellar
59 Play Bridge - The 2♦ Opener
18 Interiors - Autumn: Definitely Time To Cosy Up!
20 Fashion - Take One Pair of Trousers
28 East Lothian Antiques - Memories Are Made of These
36 Plants That Changed Our Lives - The Coconut Palm
49 Farming East Lothian - The Breadbasket of Scotland
51 East Lothian Biodiversity - The Smartest Bird
03 Editor's Letter
80 News & Views
80 Book Reviews
81 Classified
82 East Lothian Motoring - Motoring's Magical Mystery Tour