Issue 111 - Spring

Those of you who are regular readers will recall East Lothian Life Editor, Pauline Jaffray, was taken ill last October. Pauline was not well enough to be back at her desk to produce this issue of the magazine and so once again, I find myself writing this editorial on her behalf. So many of you have contacted me to ask how Pauline is progressing and to pass on your good wishes and prayers. She has been enormously touched by so much kindness and concern for her welfare.

It has been wonderful for me to have received so much encouragement and offers of help to produce this spring issue. Articles have flowed in from regular contributors. Ian Goodall has done sterling work rushing around the county taking photographs. He snapped The Dunbear as bright sunshine gave way to a snowstorm and balanced precariously on a clifftop to get a shot of Gin Head. Ian’s cover photo of the diving gannets is a reminder in Scotland’s Year of Coasts and Waters of how much there is to explore, discover and protect along our magnificent shoreline.

The Rugged Pathway annual pilgrimage follows an inland route, on foot, between Haddington and Whitekirk, passing sites associated with early Christianity, but also gives the participants an opportunity to enjoy the diversity of the local landscape. In Saddle Up, Stuart Macpherson encourages us rethink cycling as an activity for all ages, not just for the young and suggests we would find benefits in adjusting our travel priorities. Annie Rayner has also been travelling around the county, but in relative warmth and comfort On the Buses. She offers an alternative view of the surrounding countryside and towns – and yet an environmentally friendly option of getting from A to B.

Rosemary Everett draws our attention to another activity which has environmental appeal. In Creating Riches from Rags she brings to life the almost forgotten rural tradition of making rag rugs. Travelling further back in time, David Affleck offers an insight into the lives of the families who owned, managed and worked on the Whittingehame estate, 250 years ago.

Spring started to arrive earlier than expected in many parts of the country. The bright yellow heads of daffodils were nodding in the wind in early February, even before the icy blasts following in the wake of storm Ciara, slowed things down. Richard English, the countryside ranger, draws our attention to the tiny, almost exotic wild flowers that brighten the East Lothian landscape every spring, in his article Early Risers.

It is to be hoped that winter is now past and we can enjoy some gentle warmth from the sun’s rays and watch the fresh green leaves begin to unfold and dress the trees. Look around our beautiful county; there is always something to gladden the heart.

Ailsa Fortune

(for Pauline)

Front cover: Gannets diving near Bass Rock, by Ian Goodall, North Berwick Photographic Society


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